Put it on my Black Card: Rouge Louboutin


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So I’m a day late on this Black Card post but I had to share this one with you. It’s way more affordable than my usual picks, and for Christian Louboutin it’s practically nothing, but ….well…take a look…



Christian Louboutin came out with their first beauty product, a beautiful red nail polish that almost perfectly matches the red of their iconic red sole. The presentation (the bottle, the “box”, the elongated handle) are definitely artistic. The polish is $50 a bottle, and as I said, it’s a steal for a Louboutin product. But let’s be real, it’s still just nail polish. That puts it in line with the price of Tom Ford lipstick, but still pricier than Chanel polish (which runs $27) and even Tom Ford polish ($32.)  I admit, there is something desirable about this, not only for the presentation, but because have you seen the color? It’s kind of perfect. But when Essie and OPI are about $8, and this is ultimately something I’m going to chip off while waiting in line, is it worth it?

Well… if I had a Black Card it would already be on there. What about you? Will you be purchasing the Rouge Louboutin?


Top 5 picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale


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In case you have been avoiding the internet for the last week or so, let me share a newsflash with you: it’s time for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! In my book, this is pretty much a national holiday, so how I’m just now getting around to sharing what I’m loving with you is beyond me. Basically I blame Artscape. Which…quick side note here… did any of you Baltimore area readers make it?! I love it, even more this year because it wasn’t 1000 degrees. Moving on…..

When shopping the Anniversary Sale, I try to focus on pieces that 1. are going to last through the coming months, if not longer 2. are quality with out breaking the bank. The major advantage to this sale is that because of the steep discount, some of those investment pieces are with in reach.  With that focus in mind, here are my top 5…

AG "The Stilt" Cigarette Legging Stretch Jeans


1. AG “The Stilt” Cigarette Jeans
Premium denim is somewhere I’m willing to spend real money, #NSale or not, but getting these for under $150 is a deal. They are a great everyday jean, that hits at the ankle, has a medium dark wash, and moderate pocket detail. They are also pretty classic, which is great because jeans like these (when taken care of) really do hold up well.

_8180491 (1)


2. Frye “Patty” Leather Riding Bootie
Booties have been around for a few seasons now and I love the versatility they offer. It’s not as much as a tall boot, you aren’t married to leggings, skinny pants or a skirt if you want to wear them, and they look cute with cuffed denim. I’ve seen everyone going crazy over these (which are equally amazing) but there is something about the Frye brand, and the way the leather wears and patinas that draws me to these. Well that, and I love the detail and the fact that the zipper is less obtrusive being on the inside of the ankle.

Sam Edleman Asymmetric zipped coat


3. Sam Edleman “Zoe” Asymmetric Zip Coat
A fall/winter wool coat is another great piece to grab during this amazing sale. I’ve been itching for a longer black wool coat for a few seasons now, and I love that this one is both classic ans modern. I also think it would be great layered with chunky turtleneck sweaters or scarves when it’s really cold out. (Ugh can we not think about that yet??)

Textured Jacquard High Rise Midi Skirt


4. ASTR Textured Jacquard High Rise MidiSkirt
The fact that ladylike, midi length, circle skirts are sticking around for fall makes me a very happy girl. Remember this post? Yeah. Possibly obsessed. This one is a perfect cream color to take you all the way through the winter. It would look amazing with brown, navy blue, your classic “fall colors” of mustard, emerald, eggplant, and pumpkin. And I’m thinking it would also be cute dressed up for a holiday party…if you want to think that far ahead. Also, for under $60? This is a great buy.

M.A.C. Brush Set


5. M.A.C Look in a Box Basic Brush Kit
It would be sinful to have a top 5 from the #NSale with out at least one beauty buy, and narrowing it down to one was a challenge. These are sitting in my cart because, well, they stand the test of time. I’ve been hearing “OMG now’s the time to buy M.A.C brushes” since I was in high school, and that might be the one piece of 16 year old girl logic that actually makes sense. I mean, $127 value for $50? And if you’ve used a good make up brush you know it really does make a difference.

OK, now it’s your turn. What’s in your cart for the sale to end all sales?

Put it on my Black Card: Dreamy Flats


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Have you ever played a word association game? You know, like when someone says a word and you say the first thing that comes to your mind? If someone were to play that game with me and say the work “coco” my initial answer would be puffs krispies Chanel. There is so much Chanel that is simply iconic in the fashion world, and beyond. It’s a logo that even those who don’t have a subscription to Vogue, or consider themselves “Up” on fashion would recognize.

Recently, I’ve been feeling myself gravitate more toward classic pieces. Sure I still wear and love a good kimono style shawl and jean cut offs, but this is not where I’m investing my money. If I had the money to invest in clothes, there’s a high probability that I would be investing in Chanel. And currently it would be the ever popular, always beautiful, seasonless, timeless, cap toe ballet flat.

Chanel Cap Toe Ballet FlatsVia

Some how these shoes manage to be just as chic on Mary Kate Olsen and Katie Holmes, as they do on your Grandmother and your Great Aunt.  And while I am drawn to the gray pair pictured above, I’ve always lusted after the classic camel with black toe.

Chanel Cap Toe Flats


So today I’m adding them to my dream closet, paid for with my faux Black Card.

If you could add 1 piece of Chanel to your closet, what would it be?



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