Charmed to meet you!

Charm(ing) City Style came out of my fashion obsession. I’m the girl who reads magazines, obsesses over blogs, and shops constantly on the internet. I love clothes, accessories, shoes, everything, because I see it as a visual representation of personality.

So who am I? What’s my style? Let me sum that up for you:

2 Parts Annapolitan
(I grew up in Annapolis, full of popped collar polos, Lilly Pulitzer, and Sperry’s)
1 Part Orange County
(Where the Fam lives now, and brought the introduction of  rainbow sandals, and the idea of “denim for most occasions” to my mind)
1 Part Charm City
(A little hipster, a little prepster, where studs meet Louis Vuitton, and a Natty Boh logo is never far from view)
A healthy dash of Retail experience

Shake it all up in a martini shaker and strain (that ever present question “can I pull this off”), and serve…in a glitter rimmed martini glass, with a cocktail ring garnish if you please!

Want to know more? Interested in advertisement or sponsorship? Email Me!

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