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So I was flipping through my September issue of InStyle Magazine, you know, just drooling over new fall pieces, this month’s Man of Style Dan Stevens, and all the beautiful marketing when a particular ad jumped out at me. Don’t misunderstand, lots of the ads in magazines grab my attention, but this one made me head to my computer and look it up. Why?  It said:

RAW For The Oceans. Denim From Recycled Ocean Plastic.

Were they serious with that? Saving the Ocean with deinm? I needed to know more. Immediately. If it was real, this was going to be the marriage of two things I love: Denim and the Ocean.


And guys? It’s real.

I don’t know what I expected, but all I can say is go check out the website for yourself. Bionic figured out a way to take plastic floating in the ocean, crush it into pieces, and turn it into yarn that gets mixed with cotton. You can read the step by step process here.

But then they take that plastic/cotton hybrid called Bionic yarn, and make some pretty awesome clothes with it. Personally I’m drooling over this

G-Star, RAW FOR THE OCEAN, Denim, bomber jacket



And that beauty is 28% recycled ocean plastic! And it’s beautiful! These are equally as beautiful

G-Star, RAW FOR THE OCEAN, Boyfriend Sweatshirt



Of course what would anything these days be with out a little Pharell magic. And this is no exception. The collection is currated by Pharell Williams, and also partners with Parlay For The Oceans.

Pharell Williams, G-Star, RAW FOR THE OCEANS Via

Aside from being fashion forward, this collection is actually doing something to help save the planet. So when you’re done your lunch today, or your workout later, can you please recycle that plastic bottle? Who know’s, you may be wearing it next season.