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This morning I was doing my usual clicking through the internet, and I was stopped in my internet tracks when I saw this photo…




How insane is that dress Kerry Washington is wearing? I about died. It’s like Mara Hoffman and Tibi had a fabulous love child! So like any good internet investigator, I did some searching and was introduced to Mary Katrantzou. I don’t know if I’ve been living under a rock or what, but her collection is, in a word, beautiful. There are structured jackets, sleek dresses, and some seriously insane shoes. Everything is in unique patterns and bright colors, making for pieces that truly make a statement.

As I combed through the site directly as well as on Net-A-Porter, and I’ve fallen in love with this designer. So in the interest of not maxing out my imaginary Black Card and wanting the entire collection, I’m not only dying for Keri’s dress, but how beautiful is this?




So seeing as how this designer is new to me, are there any others you think I should be looking at and falling in love with?