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When I started thinking about who I could ask to guest post for me, Shelby was an obvious choice. She writes the amazing food blog A Mouthful of Moderation, and pretty much I want to just live in her kitchen so she will feed me. She’s also a hilarious, beautiful mom of two who I knew would have a fun perspective to share here. I was TOTALLY right.

When Katie asked me to write a guest post about fashion on her amazing blog, I almost felt the responsibility of telling her to put the bottle down. Then I thought, oooh this could be fun, and wanted to encourage her to have 1 more glass of champagne so she couldn’t take it back when she sobered up the next morning. All joking aside, I feel honored to have a guest spot here.

As a mom of 2 little monsters (The Meatball and Her Majesty), getting dressed  is something I don’t have the luxury of spending much time on, but I have to consider what I’m putting on carefully.  When I’m not at work most of my of my free time consists of running errands, going on playdates, pulling my climbers down off the kitchen counters,  and cooking.  Calm down over there, I know I lead an exciting life.   Furthermore, until recently, I also despised buying clothes. However, I lost about 30 pounds last year and it has made shopping one of my favorite activities.


I, like you, have a Pinterest fashion closet stocked full of amazing summer outfits that I drool over. In real life though, I have a few guidelines for myself:

1. It has to work with my lifestyle. For me that means I have to be able to move in it (bend over it in without fear of flashing anyone) and I have to be able to afford to replace it, several times over, if I love it. I can’t count how often  I have to pick up a child covered in dirt, only to ruin a new shirt. I have even contemplated leaving my kid crying in the mud, but other parents disapproving looks got the best of me. This is also why I wear darker clothes, whites show all the filth you child lovingly has to offer.

2. It has to be easy and fast. This means it doesn’t need to be ironed as soon as it comes out of the dryer, I have to be able to zip it myself, and it definitely doesn’t need to be dry cleaned. I have to be able to wash the chalk hand-prints off it. Hopscotch is BIG right now, in case you didn’t know.

3.Splurge on the purses. I don’t carry a diaper bag, I have always disliked them. So I carry big, well made purses that don’t go out of style, and can hold/hide all the child junk…diapers, wipes, 6 matchbox cars, 2 dolls, sippy cups, and 3 different snacks. It’s all about multi tasking.

4. Bracelets, always wear bracelets. They make you feel pretty, dressed up, and put together. I like to assume that when other people notice my bracelets they think ‘man she’s got her life together’ and ignore the fact that my son has probably disrobed and is running around naked and my daughter is manipulating some older child into carting her around the playground.

5. My biggest ‘fashion’ advice for myself- when a 4-year-old boy tells you that you look beautiful, even if he is only saying it because he wants his toy you took away back, you shake off every insecurity you have and believe him.

Thank you Shelby for stepping outside your comfort zone and guest posting for me! I love your advice, and I Love that maxi dress. And I’m totally down for some hopscotch 🙂

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