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I’m excited to be writing to you from one of my favorite places, Litchfield Beach, SC.  Because I know I’ll be spending the week with my head in a book and my toes in the sand, I decided to tap a few of my favorite bloggers to help me this week. Yay for guest posts! It’s all about summer style this week, so be sure to keep checking back.

First, I’d like to introduce you to The Fashion Huntress. I adore her always on trend work style, and the fact that she always always gets the very best deals on the cutest stuff. It’s seriously insane. I want her to come shopping with me and teach me her ways. 

Hi, all! I want to, first and foremost, thank Katie for having me guest post today! Katie and I did a little chatting and decided that summer styling is a great topic for, you guessed it, summer time!

One of the questions I’m asked most frequently is how to style an outfit for work in the depths of summer. We all know what type of weather: hot, humid, muggy, sitting on a subway/bus, and trying to look professional by the time you get to work. As much as I’d like my meetings to take place on a beach of at a pool, alas, that is not happening (sigh). Here are my go-to styling tips for summer work looks:
1) Layer, layer, layer!
Summer styles for work are all about layers. You can either carry a cardigan/light summer sweater with you to and from work, or leave a couple of pieces at work. I leave a couple of pairs of shoes and cardigans in my desk, os as to minimize what I’m carrying with me very day! Carrying a giant bag on the subway in hot weather = less than ideal.
Summer Style Tip #1 Layers Summer Style Tip #1 Layers
2) Keep it cool
Because shorts are not considered business casual in most work settings, I wear a LOT of skirts and dresses. I do tend to have leggings on hand, if needed, as the office air conditioning can really get freezing some days! Maxi dresses are an option, as well, if styled right. They are definitely perfectly breezy outside, and enough warmth inside.
Summer Style Tip #2 Keep it Cool
Summer Style Tip #2 Keep it Cool
3) Accessorize
My hair tends to get all sorts of frizzy/unmanageable in humidity, so I tend to wear a lot of ponytails. Maybe it’s just me, but ponytails get a little boring day after day, right? Summer is the perfect time to bust out those head scarves, headbands, and styling pieces (barrettes, etc) that you have stocked up. During my commute, I often keep my hair in a bun, and then pull it down once I get to work, and just add a clip/scarf.
Summer Style Tip #3 Accessorize
Summer Style Tip #3 Accessorize
I hope everyone has a great week and thanks so much for hanging with me today while Katie is out! Thanks again to Katie for the opportunity to guest post!
The Fashion Huntress
*All photos c/o Fashion Huntress
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