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So I’m a day late on this Black Card post but I had to share this one with you. It’s way more affordable than my usual picks, and for Christian Louboutin it’s practically nothing, but ….well…take a look…



Christian Louboutin came out with their first beauty product, a beautiful red nail polish that almost perfectly matches the red of their iconic red sole. The presentation (the bottle, the “box”, the elongated handle) are definitely artistic. The polish is $50 a bottle, and as I said, it’s a steal for a Louboutin product. But let’s be real, it’s still just nail polish. That puts it in line with the price of Tom Ford lipstick, but still pricier than Chanel polish (which runs $27) and even Tom Ford polish ($32.)  I admit, there is something desirable about this, not only for the presentation, but because have you seen the color? It’s kind of perfect. But when Essie and OPI are about $8, and this is ultimately something I’m going to chip off while waiting in line, is it worth it?

Well… if I had a Black Card it would already be on there. What about you? Will you be purchasing the Rouge Louboutin?