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Have you ever played a word association game? You know, like when someone says a word and you say the first thing that comes to your mind? If someone were to play that game with me and say the work “coco” my initial answer would be puffs krispies Chanel. There is so much Chanel that is simply iconic in the fashion world, and beyond. It’s a logo that even those who don’t have a subscription to Vogue, or consider themselves “Up” on fashion would recognize.

Recently, I’ve been feeling myself gravitate more toward classic pieces. Sure I still wear and love a good kimono style shawl and jean cut offs, but this is not where I’m investing my money. If I had the money to invest in clothes, there’s a high probability that I would be investing in Chanel. And currently it would be the ever popular, always beautiful, seasonless, timeless, cap toe ballet flat.

Chanel Cap Toe Ballet FlatsVia

Some how these shoes manage to be just as chic on Mary Kate Olsen and Katie Holmes, as they do on your Grandmother and your Great Aunt.  And while I am drawn to the gray pair pictured above, I’ve always lusted after the classic camel with black toe.

Chanel Cap Toe Flats


So today I’m adding them to my dream closet, paid for with my faux Black Card.

If you could add 1 piece of Chanel to your closet, what would it be?