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Well if not my absolute favorite, its certainly in the top 3. And it’s that time of year when it feels like the entire world is on SALE! Hello summer shopping spree. But before you just go out and dive into the sale racks, take a minute to see what’s what, whats on sale where, and how you can make the most of these sale purchases.

BCBG Piper V-Neck Stripe peplum dress

Via BCBG: Originally $338.00, Now $169 (Extra 20% off at checkout)

1. What events are on your calendar in the next 4-6 months?

Do you have 3 weddings to attend between now and the end of September? Or a bridal shower? Or an engagement party? This is a great time of year to look at cocktail dresses. The summer beauties are on sale, and for many, the addition of a pashmina makes them perfect moving into the early fall.


GAP luxlight V-neck sweater

Via GAP: Originally $39.50, Now $19.99

2. Think now and later

Adding new clothes to your closet that you can’t wear yet is just kind of like torture. Look for things you can wear now and also wear later. Cardigans, blazers, jeans, light weight button downs, all of these pieces can easily transition into a fall wardrobe by combining additional layers.
*I purchased this sweater a few weeks ago, and I know I’ll be living in it for months to come. Bonus, that the super basic colors are all on sale for $19.99*



Via J. Crew: Originally $69.50, Now $59.50 (additional 40% w/ code SHOPMORE thru 7/8)

3. Stock up on basics

Oh you made it this far through the summer and haven’t had to trash you favorite white tee yet? Well then don’t talk to me. Just kidding, I’m just jealous. But joking aside, now it the perfect time of year to stock up on basic tee shirts and tank tops that you’ll be layering all fall and (ewww) winter long. I try and reach for the classics like white, navy, black, camel, olive green, and gray. They have the most versatility year round, and because they are probably super cheap, you can also grab up that coral/pink that you’ve got your eye on.


Althropologie Strata Maxi Dress

Via Anthropologie: Originally $278, Now $169.95 (additional 20% w/ code BUZZ20)

4. If you’ve had your eye on it, now might be the time to buy

Impulse buying is never advisable, but what about when you’ve been thinking about something for a while? What about when you just can’t get the image of that dress you saw in the store window out of your mind? You didn’t have the occasion to wear it (and you still don’t), you couldn’t justify the expense, but now that it’s on sale? If it’s something you can think of more than 1 way to wear, I say why not. At this point, you’ve probably reached for it in your closet only to realize in disappointment that you didn’t buy it, and passed more than an handful of occasions when it would have been perfect. If you can honestly afford it at the sale price, and you absolutely love it, buy.

And because I love you all so much, here’s a BONUS TIP #5 for you:
Online shopping is fantastic, but don’t neglect the mall! I’ve noticed that the actual brick and mortar stores sometimes have things that are sold out online, and sometimes pricing can vary (in your favor.) Also, as always, don’t neglect your locally owned shops either. They are great places to pick up really special pieces.