She's my kind of rain


Things have been crazy around here for the last few weeks. The apartment search continues, work has been crazy busy, there was a kind of last minute trip to visit my family in California, followed by a less last minute trip by my sister to visit Baltimore. In short, I haven’t really been home much the last 3 weeks.

So naturally I’m headed on a road trip with my two Princesses-in- crime from Disney, and headed to Cincinnati for a concert.  I guess that’s the bonus of having two close friends live elsewhere, you can’t just meet for drinks or brunch to catch up. You actually have to DO something, GO somewhere. I’m super excited because we are going to see Tim McGraw. I’ve never been to one of his shows before, but if I’m with these girls at a concert that I can probably sing along to the whole time? I honestly don’t see how it will be a bad time.

So here’s to a weekend full of Sunshine & Summertime!


PS. I realize it’s a Faith Hill lyric, but they’re married…. just go with it!