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The side effect of having lived with girls for much of my life (sisters, college roommates, post college roommates) is that I’m used to having a second opinion. I’m used to someone other than myself looking at an outfit and giving you the thumbs up, or the thumbs down. Now, living with my boyfriend, asking the “so which shoes do you like better” question can easily end in the answer of “neither.”

It’s just these conversations that has lead me to this post. Today I bring to you Things My Boyfriend Hates. It’s no secret that not all female fashion trends are appealing to the opposite sex (hello ManRepeller) but can these beloved items, things that have stuck around season after season, really be that bad?? I want to know if anyone else has had similar conversations with opinionated males in their life. And before anyone gets all bent out of shape thinking I do whatever my boyfriend tells me to do, let me just throw out there that despite his distaste, I continue to own and wear all of the below.

Maxi dresses:

maxi dressVia

I think it’s a comfortable way to be cute, especially if you don’t love your legs or bottom half. It’s put together, and feminine, and a nice change from shorts or short skirts. He thinks they don’t show off “womanly curves.” This is a battle he’s going to lose….especially when I don’t feel like shaving my slightly sunburned legs.

Gladiator sandals:


Gladiator SandalsVia

I held off on these for a while, debating between ankle high or calf high. I recently purchased a pair of gold, ankle high gladiators at Ross, and have been wearing them non-stop. Sometimes you just need to mix up the sandal styles. He asks me if i was an extra in the movie 300, or if I moved to the Roman Empire. Maybe this is a fashion thing that just can’t be explained?

Summer scarves:



To me, an accessory adds dimension to an outfit. It takes it up from being a tee and shorts or just a dress. And while they are much lighter cotton, I do kind of understand where he’s coming from on this one (read: why are you wearing a scarf? It’s summer), if it’s not 110% humidity, I don’t see a problem with it.

Mismatched bathing suits:




I think we can all thank/blame Kate Bosworth and Blue Crush for this one, and I admit to having plenty of pieces but not so many entire suits. Β I like it because, well sometimes all the pattern is too much, and sometimes none of the pattern is too little. Just call me Goldilocks. Β He hates it because he thinks it looks mismatched. Well duh! Mismatched in the best possible way!





This conversation has happened multiple times in our house-
Him-“What is that shiny stuff on your face”
Me-“Make up”
Him-“No, the glittery stuff”
To explain it is just too much effort and to his credit if he’s noticing it it usually means I was a touch heavy handed. Don’t think for one second it’s not a staple in the makeup routine though.





Perhaps it’s less shocking when you remember that “arm party” was coined by Manrepeller. I like a good stack, but it usually ends up resulting in an “I’m sorry I couldn’t hear your question with all that jingle” joke.

Alright, in the name of fairness, do you wear any fashion trends that your significant other can’t stand? I’d love to know I’m not alone in this πŸ™‚