This is quite possibly my favorite picture of my dog ever. It’s also an excellent representation of how I’ve been feeling this week. I mean, maybe it was the short week, or the work days following a long weekend, but I’ve been in this “please don’t make me get out of bed” mood. Thankfully, June is coming. I’m starting a new running challenge with friends, refreshing my eating, and generally trying to take a deep breath.

Just a few things…

1. I devoured The Maze Runner series over the last week (probably a culprit in my few posts) and it was awesome. If you’re looking for books to add to your summer/vacation reading lists, I suggest you add these three. They are young adult fiction, so easy reads that move quick.

2. I’m currently obsessed with everything Loft is putting out.  I’m debating between these and these to go with this sweater. In my head I’ve always seen navy, but love the “paper bag” style. What to do, what to do…

3. Love them or hate them, you are probably lying to yourself if you haven’t checked at least once to see what happened at Kim and Kanye’s wedding. Here you go.

4. Have you checked out the newest products from Gray Milan? I’m feeling like “I’ll take one of each” please.

5. And just a few tips on how to make your weekend Instagram posts this weekend top notch.

Have a wonderful weekend!