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Ok, so now that it’s (un)officially summer, I want to paint a picture for you. You’ve been on vacation for a week. You sat in the sun, swam in the ocean, dug your toes into the sand.  It was glorious. As a direct result of all sun soaking, ocean swimming, and sand digging, you also washed your hair every day, probably with the less than perfect shampoo that you grabbed last minute at Target (or had left over from a hotel stay.) It’s the beach, so you neglected to pack any hair products. You get home on a Saturday afternoon, only to turn around and  get ready to go out with your girlfriends. You shower and then proceed to blow dry and straighten your hair to look fantastic for those non-valencia filtered tan Instagram shots.

Kumari Hair Oil

You wake up Sunday to realize that to go along with your real hangover from girls night, and the hangover from vacation being over, that your hair is an absolute disaster. Frizzy, fried, dry, generally gross.  That picture is only partially hypothetical. It’s pretty much the story of my life when summer vacation rolls around. My normal regimen of washing every 3 days, adding oil, letting it air dry, and occasionally heat styling pretty much goes out the window. Add to that the use of shampoo that probably cost $3 a gallon, and it’s a recipe for disaster.

It was knowing that this lies in my future that got me really excited to try out a new product, Kumari Hair Oil. When they reached out to me I was more than happy to give it a test run. I regularly use oil to add extra moisture to the ends of my hair, but had never really done a deep conditioning with it.  Let me tell you, I was super impressed.

The directions (I’m a big direction follower when it comes to stuff like this) said to use 10-20 drops of the Kumari Hair Oil, and rub into the roots of the hair, followed by another 10-20 to cover the shaft. The goal is to coat, not drench. I was admittedly a little weary of adding oil to my scalp, but hey, if it failed miserably it, sadly, wouldn’t have been the worst hair day I’ve ever had.  The recommendation for the best results was to add the oil, braid your hair, and let it soak in over night. Done.


When I washed and conditioned my hair the next morning, I felt like I could tell a difference. The ends didn’t need the usual oil for added moisture, there was a little less frizz despite air drying. Overall I was happy. I did it once a week for the following 2 weeks (again, with the direction following) and I can honestly say I feel a difference in my hair. It feels stronger, and I seem to be losing fewer strands. I also noticed that I could go longer between washes, which seems crazy because…hello…oil.  Want to know one of the best things about this product? Kumari Hair Oil is made of ingredients you recognize, like coconut oil, and argan oil. Win!

My hair has been so happy over the last few weeks, and I know I now have the cure for that frizzed out, super dry, post vacation hair that isn’t exactly what you want to offset your sun kissed skin.


Disclosure: I was gifted a sample of Kumari Hair Oil to review for this post. All opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Charming City Style possible.