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I am not a morning person. No matter how many articles I read recommending that you not hit the snooze button, I really just can’t believe it would exist if you weren’t supposed to hit it, at least once each and every morning. I am so NOT a morning person, that I can’t even say with certainty that I have a typical morning routine. I mean sure, I check off the necessary boxes of teeth brushing, dog walking, and outfit selecting, but I don’t do it in a very defined order (Note to self: you sound like a middle school student. Get your adult ass in gear and develop a routine. Perhaps it would keep you from leaving the house with out A. keys B. Credit Card C. Drivers License D. All of the above.) I tell you all of that to tell you about something that is perhaps the one thing (except the snooze button) that could be considered routine about my mornings. I would like to introduce you all to Ensambl.

This genius of a fashion app allows me to magically do two things at once, which is pretty amazing. What two things you ask? Check the weather and decide what to wear.  Sounds simple right? I mean, when I first started exploring Ensambl I was amazed too that this had not been thought about before. Because in my mind, of course it makes sense to check the weather, and also get outfit inspiration based on that weather.
Ensambl App 2

The app, developed by Dalia Strum, came to exist after she was stuck with an event to attend, an impending NYC snow storm, nothing to wear, and no easy way to filter her inspiration to accommodate…well…snow. Lucky for us, she turned that dificulty into a solution for similar problems for the rest of us.

So here’s why I love this app:
1. It’s super functional- You plug in your state, and it pulls your local weather, and then gives you tons of inspiration shots from across the internet (including some of my personal favorite bloggers) of outfits that would work for your current weather.  Seriously one stop gets you the days high and low, and helps you start to decide what to wear. And if you’re like me you can do this before you get out of bed….

2. It’s really easy to use- The ever popular “swipe right to like, swipe left to dislike” holds true here as well.  The app then catalogs the photos you liked so you can revisit them later. Like when you’re standing in front of your closet, coffee in hand, reminding yourself that you actually can’t wear that tutu skirt to work on a Thursday.

3. It’s pretty- If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a hundred times, I don’t do ugly. The app is pretty ya’ll. The outfit pictures are front and center like a little stack of Polaroids, weather is in the top left, it’s just clean and pretty.

You can download Ensambl on the Apple App store, and be sure to check them out on Instagram too. You should also head over and check out the little Q&A I did with them.