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Is it just me or do statement necklaces look like they are here to stay? Don’t get me wrong, that’s not a negative in my book, I love good statement jewelry! But I’ve noticed a change recently, where the statement necklace is almost getting simplified. There are longer chains, with large pendents that range from tassels to colored stones. The sharktooth is one statement pendent that’s been grabbing my attention. Maybe it’s just  me and my deep love of all things that are associated with the beach, but it feels a organic (even if it’s anything but.0



So here’s two options of the sharktooth necklace. Both are beautiful, and certainly make a statement, but which to choose? On the left we have a simple, over-sized, sharktooth pendant by Vanessa Arigaza. I love that it keeps to the natural shape, but metallic. This one goes for $265, so is definitely an investment. On the right, is a slightly more blingy version from House of Harlow. Still makes a statement, and has a bit more detail on a slightly simplified shape and goes for right around $69.

So which would you pick? Left, or right/