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Let’s face it, I’m a huge fan of anything that’s a blatent excuse to get dressed up. Party? Ok! Aft Show? Obviously. But sporting event? Let’s be honest, Maryland is not the home of bow ties, and sundresses for football like the south, and while Oriole Part at Camden Yards is a fantastic baseball stadium, it’s also not really a “dress up” experience. Enter horse racing. Now, there is a sporting event that people get dressed up for. Especially when it’s the second of the three races making up the Triple Crown.

The Preakness Stakes.

This year marks the 139th running of The Preakness Stakes, and with it comes all the tradition of horse racing….and possibly one of the best excuses to get dressed up all spring.  So, what to wear to Preakness? Let’s take this in 3 easy steps, shall we?

Step 1. Pick a dress


Black Fit and Flare/ Blue print shift/ Green long sleeved shift/ Floral Maxi

For an event like Preakness, wearing a dress is sometimes just easier. It’s one piece, and when you’re going to be in crowds, outside for a bulk of the day, you just don’t want to have too many pieces to fuss with. That’s not to say that wearing pants, or a skirt/top combo would be inappropriate at all. Keep in mind how extravagant you want your hat to be when picking the rest of your outfit. Going big is one thing, going over the top is quite another.

Step 2. Find the perfect shoes


White/ Blue/ Neutral/ Black

If there is one thing I swear by for an outdoor event (aside from wearing sunscreen) it’s wearing wedges. A wedge ensures that it doesn’t matter if you are standing in the grass, walking up a bunch of steps, or standing on a patio that you are on level footing and not clinging to the arm of your date or best friend for dear life. Personally, I always love one with some sort of ankle buckle because I feel like they add a little more support.

Step 3. Top it off


Blue Hat/ Straw Hat/ Striped Hat/ White Hat

If I’m being totally honest with you all (which I am, because that’s what I do) a hat is the number one reason I have to go to Preakness. I just feel like there aren’t that many reasons to wear this kind of thing other wise. If you’ve chosen a simple dress, here’s your chance to really go all out. Then again, if you want to wear a hat that you could wear again, like perhaps to the beach this summer, a printed dress would look great with a floppy straw option. The bottom line for wearing a statement piece like a hat is to do it with confidence. Own the ensemble you put together, don’t let it own you.

And just to be clear, for the sake of this post I focused on what to wear in the grand stands. If your headed to the infield things might look a little different 😉

Sadly, I won’t be able to attend Preakness this year, but you can bet that if I was going I be wearing this with this.  Because, I mean, why not?!

Are you headed to Preakness? Or any other horse racing events? What are your go to tips for looking glam?