Guys, apartment hunting is stressful. I mean, this is not a total surprise, but just a smack in the face reminder that I’ve gotten over the last 10 days or so. As exciting as it is to be looking for a new place (and planning how to decorate it) finding a diamond in the rough is….well….rough.  And so, this weekend the search continues. But nothing can perk a girl up like a somewhat unexpected dinner with dear old dad mid week. And since mine lives just a short 3000 miles away, getting to pick the first crabs of the season (did you see those beauties on Instagram?!) with him was extra fun.

Because it’s when I find myself feeling overwhelmed that I tend to procrastinate (I should have learned by now it doesn’t help) I found myself mindlessly shopping for clothes…and couches…when I wasn’t shopping for a new place.  I’m thinking these might be the perfect destroyed black skinny jeans for the summer months, I’m still totally obsessed with this dress, and I can’t decide between these or these as casual sneakers for summer. Help a girl out, will ya?

OH! And don’t forget to call your mama this weekend!!!