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In case you got too wrapped up in Cinco de Mayo earlier this week, I’m here to remind you that Sunday is Mother’s Day. Buying gifts for my mom is always so stressful. Probably because she is an impeccable gift giver. She always manages to get you exactly what you didn’t know you wanted. It’s a skill I aspire to. It’s also means that trying to find the perfect gift for her is super difficult. I’ve been trying to operate on the theory that part of giving good gifts is giving the person something they wouldn’t spend money on for themselves, so here are a few things I think would be awesome for my Mom….and yours.




Fancy candles are always something I feel like someone won’t spend money on for themselves. These are made in Charleston, use recycled wine bottles, and the fragrance is amazing. I first found them on a family vacation, which makes it an even more perfect gift for my mom. If candles aren’t her thing, I don’t think I’ve met a mom who doesn’t love a good hand lotion. This one smells divine and is perfect for keeping in a kitchen.  And the perfect ballet flats? Who’s mom doesn’t need those? I’m pretty sure my mom has been through about 4 pairs in search of ones she really likes.  Gift giving is always a time when I feel like I can push my mom’s boundaries a little. This tee is modern, but not too “young” which means she would actually wear it.

And if you can’t find a perfect gift, or if time has run out, or if you are going to see darling mom next weekend, don’t forget to send a card! Mom’s love cards. Which reminds me….