A few (or really probably more like 8, but whatever) years ago, I was shopping at my favorite boutique. I saw the most perfect clutch…wallet…clutch/wallet and I decided I had to have it. Sadly, I didn’t love color options in store. The store owner whipped out the catalog for the company that made the clutch, turned to the page with the clutch/wallet and said “Just pick the color you want. I’ll call and order it for you. It will probably be here next week.” At that point I decided I was a lifelong customer, not just of the boutique, but of the brand that made the perfect clutch/wallet.

I had officially fallen in love with my very first Hobo.


Yes, that is my 8 year old clutch. And this fabulous skirt.

So imagine my excitement when last Thursday, I was standing in the flagship store of Hobo International, telling that exact story to Koren Ray, co-founder of the company. I. Died. And then, like any normal girl would I drank champagne. Did I mention we were toasting Lauren? That’s her name. The perfect clutch/wallet? Lauren. And she’s 10 this year. Something worth celebrating, even when you are already considered an icon.

Holiday 2014 Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek at the Holiday 2014 Lauren’s

The Mobile Hobo truck that I’d visited during Boulevard of Chic was turned into a Lauren museum, everyone was wearing “I Heart Lauren” tee shirts, and there were champagne and cake pops to be enjoyed. OH…. and shopping. There was definitely shopping to be done. I mean look at this store? The spring collection is full of so much colorful goodness, I honestly felt like a kid in a candy store.



My favorite part of the Hobo store (aside from the fact that it’s next door to my elementary school) is this stairway. It’s not only beautiful, but empowering. Their own little stairway to heaven.


I can honestly say that Lauren deserves to be the iconic clutch/wallet that she is. And I truly am a fan for life. Not only because Hobo is an international brand from my fabulous hometown of Annapolis, but because their products are worth the money. My Lauren looks better with age, wear, and a couple of (beer) stains.

A huge thank you to the team at Hobo for inviting me and throwing a fantastic party!


PS. So I kept it kind of hush hush for a few days, but I’m super excited to share an article I wrote for What Weekly, about local Baltimore Jewelry line Acid Queen Jewelry! Check it out here!