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Thank goodness for yet another sun drenched weekend on the horizon! I had so much fun last night at the Hobo International Flagship Store in Annapolis celebrating their iconic Lauren wallet/clutch. More on that coming Monday, but I did pick up this and I’m thinking it will be on heavy rotation this spring. Added bonus? I got to hang out with Heidi again! I also met up with my old friend Shelby, who writes the hilarious, hunger-inducing blog A Mouthful of Moderation.

As for the next 48 hours, I’m excited to spend time outside, hopefully walking through FlowerMart, getting in a good run, and taking my pup for a few long walks. And on top of that, looking for a new apartment…EEEK! Is it just me or does it feel like once spring comes around, life moves at warp speed? Oh, and because we’re all fashion lovers here, take a minute to read and watch this. It really makes you think, and not only about “fast fashion.”