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Do you ever have those days when you know that being a part of the functioning, “adult” world is just beyond you? You know, the days where it’s in everyone’s best interest (yours included) that you interact with the fewest number of people possible? Usually those days fall eerily in line with the days when you have a to do list that is a mile long, and probably includes meetings with people who’s heads need to remain intact, not bitten off with the quickness of a viper striking some unassuming small rodent like creature.

Sometimes when you’re having a day like that you totally luck out, and the most social you have to be is maybe going to the grocery store (in a vain attempt to be less hangry) or to the local wine shop (a more likely, if less healthy, solution to a cruddy “I hate the world” day.) When I get so lucky, I cover myself in comfort head to toe. I mean, if nothing else, the things I put on should not add insult to injury.


But, as previously discussed, we don’t always get so lucky. When that happens, I’m sure to reach for the things I know work. And just to clarify what I mean by “work”: I’m not going to get dressed, get in the car, arrive at necessary destination and look down to realize I a) hate these pants b) can’t believe I even own this shirt c) don’t know what I was thinking putting these two horrible pieces of clothing together d) all of the above.

bad-day-going-outPants/Shoes/Necklace/Button Down

It may seem simple, basic even. But sometimes it’s the closet basics that get us through. Especially when you’re feeling very Alexander, and dealing with a truly terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Me? Well, next time I’m moving to Australia.