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As the weather warms up it’s once again time to find your style inspiration for the season. Between reading magazines, looking at pinterest, and my old favorite pass time of people watching, I’ve found some style inspiration for this spring that adds a few new elements into rotation. It’s always easy to fall back on your staples, and even the black jeans I reach for on an almost daily basis don’t have to disappear when the sun finally comes out, but it’s time to add a bit more color back into the wardrobe, so here’s a few outfits that have been inspiring me lately.

Boho Chic

Boho Chic by kfw91983 featuring gladiator sandals

Boho Chic:

For this you can totally blame the Cochella photos that have been taking over my Instagram for the last weekend (and are going to consume next weekend as well) but I do love the boho chic that it has been inspiring. This can be a tough line, not wanting to look too festival/hippie/costume-y when you’re out and about in your daily life, but it can be done. This look is kept simple with a black base, and while the kimono style “cardigan” is floral, it’s in a slightly more muted color palette. This would also be really cute paired with wedge sandals.

Comfortable Casual
Comfortable Casual by kfw91983 featuring a v neck sweater

Comfortable Casual:

This inspiration came from a combination of bloggers who’s style I admire. Well, that and my burning desire for the perfect pair of destroyed boyfriend jeans. They seem like they would fill a real void in my closet, would they do the same for yours? When spring finally shows up, I’m always reaching for a light knit to top off my favorite denim. It’s a great way to add color, and still be prepared for the change in weather that’s inevitable when the sun goes down. And a pair of nude flats is never a bad idea.

 Floral blouse and bright pencil skirt
Floral blouse and bright pencil skirt by kfw91983 featuring a black shirt

A floral blouse and a bright pencil skirt:

Getting inspiration IRL is probably my favorite. I was at a conference in Washington, D.C. last week and saw someone wearing this great floral button down, and paired it with a kelly green pencil skirt. I loved it! I’ve seriously been thinking about how to replicate it since I saw her. It was the perfect way to say “Yay! It’s spring!” while still being business casual. Plus, it looked like the pieces she chose could easily transition to other outfits as well. I’m also thinking that it could easily be done with a striped top, and contrasting color skirt.

So where are you getting spring style inspiration?