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It’s officially time to clean out your closet and start fresh for the new season. It’s easy to get caught up in purchasing new items, and I feel like it’s especially easy for the spring, but first you’ve gotta make some room.

I helped a client do just that last weekend when I did a “Style My Closet” session. Her closet was in need of a bit of an over haul, and that’s exactly what it got.  Here’s where we started…

Before 3 Before 2 Before 1

There was a lot filling this closet, and the organization that had worked for a while, had become over run. We hunkered down, and got to work, going through one section at a time. Every item in each section was considered. Finally, after a few hours of hard work, we ended up with 4 lawn and leaf bags to be donated, and a much more workable closet.

After 1 After 2 After 3

My client preferred her closet organized by color, making it easy for her to find what she was looking for. We separated out clothes that were more seasonal, putting them in a separate section. I also put shoes away so that those she wore the most were grouped together and easy to find.  Seeing how happy she was with the transformation is what makes it so worthwhile.

It’s so easy to neglect a space where you can close the door and forget about it, but a clean, organized closet helps to ensure you feel your best in whatever you wear every day. It helps save money because you know what you have, and it helps you define your personal style.  If you’re in Baltimore and in need of a “Style My Closet” session of you own, feel free to contact me katie@charmingcitystyle.com. I’m offering a discount through the month of April.


PS. I almost forgot!!! We have a winner of the very first Charming City Style giveaway! Congratulations to Elena Istomina. Be sure to check you’re email!