keep your head up princess


It’s been a rough week, but a friend sent me this pin and I know it was the reminder I needed.  I’m grateful for weekend to sort of regroup. I’m going shopping with a friend on Saturday, and we are planning to hit up the new Ross, Dress For Less store in the Baltimore area. I’m in the mood for a treasure hunt, so this should be fun. Stay tuned next week for details of the trip, and my very first giveaway 🙂

I’ve spent a fair amount of time this week trolling the internet. Here are some fun things I found along the way:

This Emoji Sexting Glossary had me laughing out loud. Especially the very last one.

I grabbed these shorts in orange (the pink is also adorable) earlier this week. It is now guaranteed to snow again before I can wear them #fail.

And since we are talking about shorts, this leg work out with Carrie Underwood is a must pin…and probably a must try.

Thanks to twitter, I stumbled upon this DIY for a make up stand. This might be one even I can make.

And finally, SJP answers 73 questions, and this kid (my favorite part is at 1:42)

Hope you have a great weekend everyone! If you’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day please be safe, and Slainte!