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Do you ever feel like you’ve fallen into a rut? Like you just can’t get inspired? It’s happened to me before with things like work outs, or my closet, but never quite like this. This time I felt like I fell into a rut with my darling blog here. Over the last month or so I just felt…well…uninspired. I’m going to blame the absurd snow fall, cold weather, and general feeling of “ugh/burrrr” that’s been hanging out since just after the holidays. Either way, I’m sorry. I miss you. And I’m back.

See the other piece of why I think I’ve been distracted from this darling blog here is that I made a decision a few months ago to really challenge myself. I registered for a half marathon. My very first one. I must of forgotten during the registration process that I didn’t like running, and the furthest I’d ever gone was 3.1 miles. How that slipped my mind I still am not sure, but hey. So I’ve spent the last month cramming in runs after work, while trying not to freeze. Making time for a long run on a Sunday, before going to brunch with friends. But you know what? It payed off.  On February 23 I officially completed my very first half marathon!

photo 5

What I failed to mention when I said my dislike for running slipped my mind, was that it happened while registering for the Disney Princess Half Marathon. So off I went with 2 amazing girlfriends for a few days in Florida….and 13.1 miles. We ate. We drank. We shopped. And we ran. All 13 miles.

Princess Half 14 castle

It’s amazing what a castle, a tutu, a crown, and tons of glitter…or Pixie Dust…can motivate you to do. Oh, and the medal didn’t hurt either.

So now I’m back. I’m done being distracted. I’m excited to dive back in and talk fashion, and style, and make up and shoes with all of you…And I’m trying to pick the next 1/2 I’m registering for 🙂