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It was a February evening a few years ago. I was living with my very best friend, doing what twenty something girls do when they live together: eating french bread with Nutella for dinner and chasing it with too much wine. Oh wait, that was just us? Oh well. It was this combination (along with dreams of warm weather and a playlist of songs that made us feel like we were hot shit) that drove us to make a decision that was going to be either very good, or very, very, very, very bad. There was no in between.We went to victoriassecret.com, and with credit cards in hand, ordered new bikinis.

You’d think we would have known better. But we didn’t. All was well and good…until of course the inevitable mail day came and the suits showed up. It took additional wine to get us to put these on our pale, almost clear, bodies. It wasn’t pretty.

What drove us to order bikinis. In February. From a website that only shows said item on a practically perfect body…well it’s still beyond me.

But the time has come again. Bathing suit shopping season.


Nanette Lepore Bikini/ Aerie Crochet Center Bandeau/ Aerie Bikini Bottom/
J.Crew Twist Bandeau/ Vitamin A Printed Bandeau/ J.Crew Ring Hipster bottom

When I’m shopping for an early season swimsuit, I like to remember that I won’t yet have a tan. Those adorable light blues, and coral pinks? Yeah, not going to work in the early part of the season. What I love about this (with this) is that it’s a bright color, that won’t wash out your skin tone when you haven’t yet been kissed by the sun. This top and bottom in a wine color is perfect for your February or March vacations as it’s dark but still fun. If you like to mix up your top and bottom combos, I love this. Probably my favorite here, is this. It would be as much fun in February as it will in August. There’s something to be said about those classic blue colors.

What are your favorite places to shop for bathing suits? Any suggestions for buying one for the early season?