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“Love is a many splendid thing. Love, lifts us up where we belong! All you need is love.” – Elephant Love Melody, Moulin Rouge

In case the radio commercials for discounted roses, and the red and pink candy aisle that has been a staple in your local Target since December 26th haven’t given you a clue, Valentine’s Day is in less than 48 hours.

So I guess we should talk about the perfect date night outfit. Or the ideal sexy red dress. Or the sexy lingerie that you could put on just to add that extra… something to the day. Or pink.

Newsflash? Not here. I’m a lover of holidays, but for some reason, this one doesn’t do it for me. And you can’t pull the “oh, so your single?” card (which, BTW is so rude. Just don’t do it.) because I’m not.  I just don’t buy into a specified day to show your love for people. Or to look your sexy best.



Wear a red skirt because it’s Tuesday and you want to feel strong and powerful walking into that business meeting. Pull on that lingerie a random Saturday night, under your sweats, because it makes you feel alluring, and sexy (and the added element of surprise isn’t bad either.) That perfect date night dress? Who says it’s confined to February 14th? Wear it because you’re going out to dinner, with the person you Love, or even “love”, on any night of the week just because it’s special. Oh and FYI? Buying flowers is not limited to one day either. AND you’re allowed to buy them for yourself.

And just in case you’ve already rolled your eyes, this is not out of bitterness, resentment, or lack of love. I just don’t want the sentiments of Valentine’s Day confined, reserved for, or overtly expressed on one singular date. And before you ask, yes there is something I want for Valentine’s Day. I want to sit at home, watch Blow in my Juicy sweats (and maybe a totally cliche accessory), eat shrimp fried rice that gets delivered while drinking my favorite red wine. And then I want a red velvet cupcake. And holiday M&M’s.  All of which would be special any day of any week, all year long. I should probably share this with my BF. If you know him, help a girl out. I’ll probably forget.

Now, to find a sexy something. Do you think they come in green? I’m thinking of spicing up St. Patrick’s day this year. I mean, hell, at least it’s not February 14th. 🙂