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Ladies (and gents?), I have a major news flash for you: it’s really freaking gross out. And quite frankly I’m over it. I’ve been listening to to far too much country music (with a solid dose of Beyonce and Daft Punk since the Grammy’s) and I’m craving bikinis, and cut offs, and flip flops, and toes in the sand.

In just a few short weeks, I’m headed to Florida.  It’s going to be a short trip, with one very long, well 13.1 mile long purpose, but I’m looking at it as a reason to add some spring to my wardrobe.


Something about the beginning of spring, and the first wisps of spring in the stores has me craving a huge departure of my go to black. And since I’m headed on a vacation (of sorts) these are a must have (for some reason I can’t get the link to work so I’ll update it when I can). I also love this top (also in navy) with these jeans. So boho, and casual. This with a denim jacket, Converse, and a fedora. This adorable top to wear with destroyed jeans on the trip, and black pants for work. And finally this pretty little bow just because.

But let’s be honest, I’ll pack all of that and end up sitting around catching up in this and this (have them both, and live in them) until it’s time to lace up the shoes, put on the tutu and run this thing!