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I’m a girl who loves high heels. Something about the way they make you stand, walk, generally just makes me happy. I love a beautiful shoe, and usually the bigger the better. What can I say? I’m 5’3″. Wearing 5 inch heels just makes me average height.  For some reason I’ve recently become attracted to flats. And not just any flats, sneakers. Not like work out sneakers, but cute, casual, comfortable sneakers.

I seriously feel like I’m cheating on my significant other. Or worse, like an impostor. But guys, they are just. so. cute.



I’m not sure where it all started, possible with these leopard print slip-ons that have been circulating the blog world. But, as i kept looking, I kept finding. And wanting. I can see wearing these now with black leather pants, and later with jeans. These are a cute, and really inexpensive while being totally on trend. I’m dying to wear these with dark jeans, and a light chambray. You can’t go wrong with a total classic that comes in a ton of colors. And the color of these is called scream, which is totally appropriate because to me they are just screaming for spring.

All of these are under $100, which means that you can probably make space in your closet and budget for more than one pair. Do you have a favorite pair of sneakers? Any I should check out before I commit?