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One of the great things about the holidays being over is that you no longer have to feel any guilt purchasing for yourself.  With this in mind, I also have to say that I find it annoying to walk into stores and be hit in the face with patterned shorts, tees, and flip flops that I know I won’t be able to wear for a solid 3 months.  Sure the sweaters are on sale, but now I want these!

Due to the onslaught of “Holiday Clearance Sale” emails, I’m browsing online a lot more than I should, and I wanted to share with you a Fab Find that I would totally purchase and leave in the closet until March.



Now, I know it’s a far cry from the boots I was posting about yesterday, but some of these might be good enough to grab before they are gone. The red d’orsay flats?  Perfect with ankle jeans. The green boat shoes? Denim cut offs and a loose sweater. And that nude pair with the gold detail? Well I like them with just about anything. Best of all? They are all under $30, so you can grab them up, hide them for spring, and still rebuild your bank account from the holidays.

And before anyone asks, this post was in no way sponsored by Old Navy, I just really liked all the affordable flats they currently have.