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So in case you were unsure, it’s freaking freezing out. I mean Baltimore is no Chicago, and I know it could be colder but DAAAAAMN if this cold snap is killer. One thing I realized over the weekend (when there was snow, and ice on the ground) is that a solid 98% of my shoes are unfit for this type of weather. I am pretty much stuck with my Hunter boots, my ancient (but amazing ) brown riding boots, or my Ugg boots (Judge me. They are warm.) Sadly, what I found was that my riding boots and my Uggs had little traction on the ice, and my Hunter’s were just plain cold. I would have been better off in ice skates. And have I mentioned my toes are akin to ice cubes? And that’s in September. So, after avoiding leaving the house, trying all 3 pairs of boots, and waking yesterday to the realization that I had to go back to work (and therefore had to leave the house wearing shoes) I decided it was high time to find some shoes that were going to help get me through this gross, ice covered, cold mess called Winter.

The goal: Survive winter with out a) breaking an ankle/leg/knee/tail bone slipping on ice b) make it to sandal season with all ten toes.

Contender #1
LLBean boot

LL Bean Boots

Pros: I feel like they have been making these boots forever, which (hopefully) means they are a classic. The sole looks like it’s grippy (is that a word?) and they are lined.
Cons: I feel like something prettier probably exists. Pretty is kind of esential.

Contender #2
Sorel boots

Sorel Joan of Arctic Boots

Pros: Much more attractive that the Bean Boots. I love that fur detail at the top, and the touch of red accent. They also seem to have whatever sole is appropriate for walking in snow and on ice with out dying. Awesome.
Cons: I’m not really sure they will stand the test of time. Will they work with something other than leggings or tights or skinny jeans? I need to be able to wear these at least TO the office, and these and dress pants just don’t look like they would be friends.

Contender #3

Hunter Boots with SockHunter Welly Socks

Pros: Least expensive solution, as I already have the boots.
Cons: Is this really going to be warm enough? Even with socks inside the socks? Also, I haven’t extensively tried the wellys on ice. I’m not convinced of the traction.

So can you help a girl out? My dog needs to go out before May, and I need to go to work, and basically I want to make it out of this winter in one piece. I mean, if I’m going to be cold, it’s going to be by choice when I go skiing. Hey, a girl’s got to have standards right? 🙂