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I may be a day or two late, but Happy New Year! I hope you all rung in 2014 in style, and with a glass of champagne.

I’m always excited for New Year’s Eve festivities, but this year I’m also very excited for a new year. I know it seems cliche, but I’m ready for a fresh start more ways than one. I’ve spent the last few days cleaning up (and cleaning out) my our apartment, and working to compromise decorating styles with my bf. He moved in almost a year ago, and it really is time for me to accept this is no longer my single, girlie girl abode. Being ready and willing to make those changes has made me think about my personal style some as well. So along with my typical New Year’s Resolutions, I’ve decided on some style resolutions too.


Via Emerson-Fry

1. Accept what works for you
I’m always looking for outfit inspiration on blogs, Pinterest, and looking at catalogs and magazines.  It can be over whelming to see what everyone else is wearing, to see the “must have” items, and wonder “so wait, that’s what I should be wearing?” only to realize that the fit, color, or price tag simply isn’t for you.  This year I resolve to accept what works for me.  It may mean wearing a lot of black, or always wearing skinny jeans, or having more than my fair share of ankle length work pants (And jeans. Let’s be honest here…)  Those are the things I feel best in, and you know what?  That’s OK.


Via Pinterest

2. Be willing to take a risk and try new things
This might sound silly after resolution #1, but how can you really figure out what works best for you unless you take a risk and figure out what DOESN’T work for you?  I know I need to experiment with more colors.  I mean hey, the last time I did that I discovered I love a wine colored pair of pants.  If I hadn’t tried them, I never would have known.  I have a few other experiments up my sleeve and while I know not everything will hit a home run, I also know that doing so will help me further define my style.


Via Atlantic-Pacific

3. Know when to invest
I have long suffered from the idea of quantity over quality.  I’ve had this idea in my head that it’s better to have a lot of choices rather than a well curated closet of things I truly love.  This year, I resolve to change that.  Sure, I’ll still be mixing the high/low, shopping sales and Forever 21, and perusing thrift shops and Poshmark, but I’ll be more conscious of when to invest.  White button down shirt?  Perfect fitting jeans?  Investment.  Neon?  Studded?  Cropped?  Not so much.  I can approach someone else’s closet in a far more objective fashion than I can my own, and this year that’s changing.  I did just give up half my closet, I don’t really have a choice 😉

So what are your Style Resolutions for 2014?  If you need help detoxing, or outfit building email me (Katie@charmingcitystle.com)!