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A few years ago I was out doing some window shopping. I went into a boutique in Fells Point, Cupcake, and promptly fell in love with a dress. It was a dress I neither needed, nor could I afford it. Not only that I had nowhere to wear such a dress.

AP Nicole Miller dress $465


Ok,ok so admitedly it’s not the greatest dress ever anymore. Give me a break. I like to think my taste as advanced more than a little in the last 5 years. But this is less about that dress, and more about the fact that it has haunted me since I walked away from it. It has long been “the one that got away.”

And I think it’s happening again. Last week as I was finishing up some Christmas shopping, I wondered into Urban Chic in Harbor East. I was flipping through the dresses (obviously looking for myself and not those on my gift list) and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw this:

Finders Keepers dress


Once again I have no real need for it, and it’s a little bit more than I like to spend, even if it is a stand out party dress. But something in my gut is telling me I’m going to regret not getting it. So far the only thing I can come up with wearing it for is New Years Eve.

So here’s where I ask you to weigh in. To buy to not to buy, that is the question. Do I buy it, or risk it being the next “one that got away?”