Part of my hurry to get all the holiday shopping madness done earlier this year, is that I’ll be staying in Baltimore with my guy this year. It’s added some stress due to the need to ship packages to my family on the west coast, but the excitement is winning over. It’s a chance to start  new traditions, and find a way to make Christmas special for the two of us.  For me that means, maybe it’s time to retire my Christmas pj pants. They’ve been around since I was in high school. They are about 6 sizes too big. They have giltter puff paint on them (don’t even ask). One viewing of Christmas Jammies, and I knew it was time. Let’s go shopping.


Top: Fair Isle leggings/Pink Plaid PJ set/ Purple Plaid PJ pants
Bottom: Plaid Pants/ Cheers Sweatshirt/ Polka dot PJ set/ Slippers

Nothing says “Merry Christmas! Santa was here!” to me more than cozy plaid and fair isle prints (and maybe a pile of presents.) These would be perfect with a cozy sweater to top them off. These and these would be colorful and appropriate for Christmas morning with your significant other, or your in-laws. While these would look perfect for family photos during the unwrapping, this paired with these, would pretty much be the most comfortable ever. A queen of cold toes, I will be living in these this winter, holidays or not.

Then again, I might just order these, throw on some leggings and a hoodie and call it done. My guy hates taking pictures anyway 🙂

What are your Christmas morning plans?