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You all are getting a little 2 for 1 special today! I’ve been asked recently to help people find particular pieces to fill voids in their wardrobe. Sometimes it’s finding exactly what you need, and actually wanting that item that is the hardest. If you’re at all like me, you’ve probably envisioned the perfect item. You know what you would wear it with, what occasions you’d wear it for, how it would be a wardrobe staple for you! But you just can’t seem to find the exact piece. Lucky for you (and my 2 lovely friends Colleen and Molly) I’m here to help.

Up first? Molly’s challenge.

Molly asked me to help her find an attractive lanyand. Wait what? Yes, a lanyard. You see, she has a key card/ID badge that she has to wear all the time at work, and while lanyards are a dime a dozen, that does not make them all attractive, or adult, or professional.

Mollys Lanyard

See what she was working with? Yeah. In need of an upgrade. So I did a little searching and found 3 options.

ID Badge/ Lanyard


Not knowing if the badge itself needed to be accessible (as opposed to just visible) I started with this from Brighton. This has an ID Clip which leaves the card accessible all day long. I love that it has the long silver chain which would look just as nice with a cardigan as a business suit.  If the card has to simply be visible, this badge holder from Coach would be great. Definitely less college freshman that that school lanyard. Finally, the cord/chain combo from Vera Bradley is casual, fun, and incorporates so many colors it would go with just about anything. Of course there are always options from Etsy, and I loved this and this as well.

Now as I said this is a 2 for 1 post, so on to challenge number 2. My friend Colleen works at the ever popular Mother’s Grille in Federal Hill. She frequently has to work their Purple Patio, a big outdoor party during the Ravens football games, which from my perspective involves having to stand outside and freeze. Her missing piece? A puffer vest that is both warm and attractive.



This purple pack-able puffer vest from Uniqlo was an obvious choice, not only because of the color, but because it is down, and has a hood. It would be a great layered over a hoodie, 1/4 zip, or a fleece jacket. It’s also under $50.

A fur trimmed hood makes this choice fashion forward, somewhat shocking considering it’s from Aeropostale. But at $16 it couldn’t be overlooked as a definite choice.

If you want multiple color options, this one from Old Navy (for under $30) is for you. It comes not only in the army green pictured, but also navy, a beautiful wine, and a bright pink. With a slimmer cut, it would be perfect with a chunky sweater when not being the extra warmth needed at the Purple Patio.

Since warmth was a primary need here, I had to pick this vest from the Under Armour line. It features their new ColdGear Infared technology so it’s sure to keep you toasty. I loved the details it includes as well, like the removable hood, water repellent fabric, and semi fitted shape. It’s also the most expensive at $150.

Last but not least, this one from AE ($80) has the stretchy paneled sides to give it a flattering shape. It’s a feature that will be helpful when your trying to slim the bulk of added layers underneath.

When you run into a situation like Molly or Colleen, when you know what you need but aren’t sure where to find it, send me an email or post on Facebook. I’m happy to help you!