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I can hardly believe that Thanksgiving is this week! It feels like it was just Labor Day, although the weather certainly has it feeling more like late January. With many of us facing a short week this week, we have a fabulous long weekend to look forward to coming in 3 short days. And what’s sitting at the very front of that long weekend? Only the most gluttonous holiday of the year! Mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie? Umm yes please!

With eating and football (and probably drinking) what you wear to this extravaganza is almost as important as what you bring. For me, the goal is to be polished, but casual and comfortable. I’m not advocating you go all Joey with the Thanksgiving Pants, but there is something to be said for wearing something conducive to lots of eating!

Classic Sweater and Jeans


Something about this sweater screams “Fall” to me. It’s got just the right color combination, and when paired with skinny jeans and boots, it’s the perfect ensemble for the big fall holiday. This look is also pretty classic, one that won’t make you cringe when you look back a family photos in the future.

Leggings and a blanket cardigan


If leggings weren’t created for the holiday that exists simply to eat a meal, I’m not sure what was. This look, noticeably more trendy, pairs leggings that have a bit of shine, with a chunky cardigan, almost like a blanket. With the addition of a flowy tee, it’s as comfortable as it is presentable. The suede booties add some extra texture, and the long necklace adds some shine. All of it add ups to a polished, trendy look that’s perfect for a family gathering (and possibly debriefing with your friends at the bar later :).

Not to be with out a potential dress choice, I love this one from Target. It included the magic word after pumpkin pie: drawstring.

So what’s your go to choice for Thanksgiving? Are you wearing leggings, jeans, or a dress?