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By far one of my favorite “accessories” for the fall and winter seasons are dark nails. I’m not super talented when it comes to nail art, so I stick with a basic once color mani, and the occasional contrast nail or “party nail”, which means I have to really love the color that going on my fingers. As I was painting my nails this weekend, I realized that I have a ton of dark colors I love, and keep finding more each time I head to Ulta or Target.

My Fall/Winter colors can pretty much be broken up into two categories:  Grays and Darks. Yes, gray gets it’s own category. It’s actually rather obscene the amount of gray nail polish I own, so I’m trying to break out.



Because I usually keep my nails the same color for multiple days, each color I choose has to be appropriate for work as well as for play. Chinchilly fits the bill perfectly as a slightly tan/brown gray. Over The Edge is a fantastic gunmetal gray color that is softer than black, but just as striking.  For The Twill of it is a fun metallic that moves from gray to purple to blue, sort of like an oil slick in the sun. I am also a huge fan of this color (and this one too.) I told you, the amount of gray polish is a little obscene.



Deep, dark polish is  totally different category in my book. Even since high school, I’ve loved black nails so Licorice is no surprise (I’ve also tried the Rimmel London black, and really like it as well.)  Russian Navy is one I saw in a magazine and just had to have. It’s a beautiful deep navy blue, but not in a bright way. Black Cherry Chutney is like Chinchilly, an easy go to that is appropriate for work and play and always looks fantastic. Not too red, not too purple, not too black.

Finally, what would any list be with out a few stragglers that are yet to be picked up. These polish colors are on my wish list, in part because I’m trying not to overwhelm myself with choices. But let’s be honest, these are probably coming home.



Lincoln Park After Dark is another black/purple which is why I haven’t picked it up yet. I keep seeing it on #ManiMonday posts, and on Pinterest, and I think I’m going to have to just give in one of these days. This Nirvana by Marc Jacobs is a dark army green color. It’s totally different from anything else I have, and I think that’s why I’m drawn to it. Finally, after trying Zoya Pixie Dust polish in this color, I might be addicted to this glitter finish. Adding Dahlia,a dark gray/black, to my collection would make for a fun “party nail” when combined with Over The Edge, or Licorice.

As you can see, my dark polish collection is not only large enough to make it through this winter, but it’s also growing. Do you have any favorite colors you can suggest? What are you’re favorites?