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Every once in a while there is a particular item that you simply fall for. Maybe you see it online, then see it in real life, all the while thinking “OMG it’s perfect. I have to have it. I’ll love it forever.” Then you realize what it costs, and realize that despite your promise to love and care for it forever, that it probably won’t make it to your closet. A little buyers remorse over the item not purchased.

For me, it happened with this:


via (pardon the cruddy photo. I wanted you to see the size)

At the time I didn’t have a need for it. It was also $700. Yeah, not gonna happen. Here my problem. I’m in dire need of a new computer bag and now, a solid year after seeing the above bag (on sale. For about $250), I can’t get her out of my head. Unless I want to order off eBay, it’s gone forever.

So I had to find other options. It must meet my criteria, obviously. Cross body, large enough to carry my laptop, maybe some additional folders, but not too big that I end up toting my life around and killing my shoulder, damaging my back, etc. enter these:







I like the Longchamp bag because it’s a little larger. I’ll be using it everyday for work, so this leaves room to take files to meetings, etc. The Marc Jacobs has that front pocket for a charger, but won’t really let me carry a lot of excess. Finally, the Kate Spade option (probably because of the simplicity) also has a front pocket and limited “stuff” space, but it has that removable strap, which could come in handy.

Any other suggestions I should consider? Have you ever ordered off of eBay? Anything I should know about that? I could really use some help. This backpack I’m carrying just is NOT working with my outfits.