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I recently read a blog post that spoke about building a wardrobe and not just a closet. You know, buying fewer things of higher quality that you know you will wear on a regular basis. Sure, it means you might not options like a Hollywood starlet, but it would mean that you would be wearing pieces you knew you loved every time you got dressed.

I’ve been focusing on this myself, specifically with my work wardrobe. I’ve been looking for pieces that are appropriate for my business casual office, yet fashionable and polished. One way I’ve been looking at doing this is adding more blouses to my wardrobe. Thankfully, they are very on trend, which means they can be found at just about any price point. Here are my current top 3 picks.



This blouse feels both polished and modern thanks to the contrast trim, and convertible sleeves. It could easily be paired under a blazer, with sleek black pants. Add some understated jewelry and you’re ready to go.



The retro feel of a tie neck blouse feels almost counter productive to my desire to look modern and polished, but a little girlie accent never hurt anyone. I would pair this with a pencil skirt, over sized stud earrings, and a colored pump.



This is available in a full range of colors, and is a fantastic buy. I love that because it doesn’t button, it won’t add bulk if layered under a v-neck sweater, but the center seam detail means it would look just as cute paired with a cardigan.

Seeing as how I’m working to build a wardrobe, all three of these tops would be perfect for evenings and weekends as well. All would look great with an arm full of bangles and dark jeans, or tucked into a leather mini for date night.

So tell me, what’s your favorite way to wear a blouse?