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Let’s talk for a minute about closets. We’ve had the conversation before (here and here to be exact) but the seasons are changing again and The Great Closet Switch is upon us again. I recently had the opportunity to not only streamline my closet (more on that in another post) but to also streamline the closet of a close friend. She told me she was done with clutter, that she kept wearing the same things because she didn’t know what she really had, and that her favorite items weren’t getting worn because she wasn’t sure how to wear them. And honestly? Who hasn’t felt this way.

So on Saturday, we dove in. Almost literally. I wish I had taken more pictures (next time! Live and learn) especially of the mountain of clothes that we tried on and bagged up for donation. 5 trash bags. 5! And when it was done?

There was more left than this, I promise, but she was so happy with the streamlined, minimal options she had left. She could see her favorite items, and felt good in everything that was left. How did she know that? She tried on every. single. item. No joke. It allowed us to see which pieces flattered her most, which she felt good in, and allowed us to weed out the things that were being kept in case she was that size again (bigger or smaller), because someone gave it to her, or because she forgot she had it.

And after the visual clutter was gone, I put together outfits for her. With a focus on what to wear to work, and her “I love it! Now what?” items, I created a handful of fall work outfits.

 The Colbalt shirt above was one of those “I love it! Now what?” items. Paired with a beige cardigan and black pants, the color (which looks fabulous on her) really stands out. Adding the metallic belt to the teal top and grey pinstripe pants added visual interest to the outfit, and a little sparkle.

She had this amazing pink peplum top hanging out in the closet (tags still on!) just waiting to be a modern work outfit. Paired with black pants, and a simple black necklace, the top makes the statement. There were also 2 lonely pashmina’s hanging in the closet that she wasn’t sure how or when to add to an outfit. I added the green as a pop of color on a black and white outfit, and a perfect transition into fall.

I was also sure to make a few casual, weekend outfits. The bright orange sweater is so cute, and when paired with the black and white top (which can also be worn for work) and jeans you have a comfortable outfit for drinks with friends. The bottom outfit is ready for the farmer’s market this fall.

The most impressive thing about this closet clean out was that she had so many options when we were done! She could see things, and how they went together easily. And while of course we found some holes, the addition of 5 simple things would round out her wardrobe: a black blazer, a black shell, a white shell, metallic flats, and a black pencil skirt. If she wanted to get fancy, adding a pair of brown trousers would be nice, but it’s not a necessity.

Overall, the closet make over was a great success. I’d love to help you do the same thing! Check out the Work With Me page, or email me at katie@charmingcitystyle.com