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Now that the last “official” weekend of summer has come and gone, I think I can actually focus on fall. Sure, we are bound to have some 85 degree days in our future, but I feel confident that curating my fall wardrobe now is not going to prove excessive.

When I need style inspiration, there are a few places that I always turn to. Magazines are one. I picked up the September People Style Watch last week, and found some awesome inspiration. I also frequently find myself turning to Pinterest. I love using Pinterest for inspiration boards because it can easily be accessed and updated via the app, which means I have my boards when I go shopping. It can really help keep a girl like me, who admittedly gets super distracted by shiney objects, focused. So here are some highlights from my Fall Fashion Inspiration Board:




I love the clean lines of this look on Olivia Palermo. It’s classic, yet very on trend. She always layers perfectly, and is one half of my style inspiration to get a pair of leather (or faux leather because…let’s be honest… budget) skinny ankle pants this fall. The addition of the leopard print flat really is the cherry on top here. Now, Rachel Zoe is another classic but totally on trend look here. I love that she wears these insanely long maxi skirts, but wears everything up top very fitted to her body. It leaves all the volume in one place. She’s another queen of the layers and the other half of my motivation to buy the leather skinnies.





Are you seeing the pattern I started to notice? I mean beyond the gratuitous use of black? I’m seeing clean lines, simple color palettes, slim bottoms, layers, and coats. I love the fitted pencil skirt on Ashley Olsen (and I’m thinking this might be my substitute), and the leather jacket on Nicole Richie is very similar to this. It’s official, I need a hat similar to the one Leandra (ManRepeller) is wearing (probably this budget gem), and I love how the tights and booties look on Jessica Alba would be appropriate for work or weekend thanks to that blazer.

So what is on your fall fashion inspiration board? You can see more of mine here! I promise to add more color.