I was leashing up my pup while chatting with the bf, wondering aloud “what should I blog about?” because sometimes these things don’t just fall out of the sky. His answer? “Umm, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?” My response? “Please, I need to write about something pretty!”

And then it fell out of the sky. Well, if the sky was Instagram, it fell out of the sky.


Via Kiel James Patrick

I’d like to introduce you all to Kiel James Patrick. A brand that, in my humble opinion, epitomizes life, liberty, and the pursuit of both pretty and happy.  A brand born out of Rhode Island, and still proudly made there (Where’s my girl Heidi from Jax and Jewels for a WooHoo over that one?) and run by, you guessed it, Kiel James Patrick.


With a product line that started with nautical styled bracelets, it has expanded to include belts, neckties, and earrings. And while the goods aren’t inexpensive, they aren’t unattainable. Here are a few of my favorite items…



And if you need some more pretty added to your Instagram feed, I highly recommend following both Kiel and his girlfriend Sarah. If the Kennedy’s (JFK and Jackie) were featured in a Ralph Lauren ad. That’s what it looks like. Every. Single. Day. I’m obsessed.