Love or hate Sex and the City, the idea of “breathe and reboot” is one that rings true even when your computer doesn’t crash.  Sometimes you just need to not turn on your computer, not constantly check your email, and not refresh twitter ever 37 seconds. I apologize for just dropping off the internet. I’m still kind of new to this blogging world, and I’ve never been real good with an “out of office” message.

But never the less, I’m back. I’m rebooted. I’m breathing. I’m sure you’ve seen this quote floating around:

Sweat, Tears or the Sea

via Instagram

I couldn’t agree more. Personally, I’ll pick the Sea over sweat just about any day. And that’s exactly where I fell off the internet to go. To the Sea. Litchfield Beach, SC to be specific.


So here’s a recap of my vacation (from left to right):

I flew into Charleston, and met up with the fam. We had some time in the afternoon so we drove out to Kiawah Island. This hotel is fantastic.

We had dinner here for the second time, and it is so crazy good.

The farmer’s market on Saturday AM had these beautiful pops. I couldn’t resist.

Yes, I am a total nerd and unpacked and laid out my accessories. A girl’s got to see what she’s working with!

I spent a week on this beach, having happy hour with my toes in the sand with the entire family.

Some traditions die hard, and for us “Kids Night” is one of those. We ate here, where the entire interior is covered in $1 bills. (There’s always money in the banana stand)

Insert scenic picture of flip flops in the sand.

I traveled with my huge Kate Spade tote, and of course my Vera Bradley Duffel. I swear that bag always fits in the overhead compartment. It’s the best. Added bonus? you get your work out because that baby does not have wheels.

It’s become a tradition for my Dad and sister to have a fireworks show. It always makes me smile.


It was not all picture taking of scenery and food. I also read this, this, this, and started this (I love this series), plus took shots for an upcoming outfit post I can’t wait to share with you. Needless to say I have taken the time to breathe and reboot. And I am now plugged back in. And living on Starbucks.