I’ve shared before about how I was in love with this pair of shorts. I mean what’s not to love, except the price tag. So I decided that this was the perfect opportunity to try a little DIY project. I’m not a big DIY-er but, hey, what did I really have to lose anyway?

I started by heading to a local thrift store. I picked up a pair of Abercrombie jeans (with out too much stretch) that were about a size too big for me. I knew I wanted my shorts to fit more loosely. The pair I ended up grabbing was a whopping $10. Not a huge loss if this experiment didn’t work out. Seeing as how I can have great vision when it comes to crafts, and not so beautiful execution skills, I went to Pinterest (you should follow me there) for a tutorial. I found this one  by The Glamouari and pretty much followed it to a T.


I got all my supplies together, including my phone on which to read the tutorial. I grabbed the following:
– scissors
– measuring tape
– box cutter
“The Art of War” wasn’t even an intentional prop. It was on the coffee table, but I realized I needed that kind of attitude. This was war, and  I was going to win this DIY battle. These were going to be the best damn denim cut offs ever.


I measured from the center crotch seam down the leg, and was sure to measure it longer than I thought I would need. I marked it with a pencil and used a straight edge to cut, hence the Marie Claire magazine. Plus, I figured Carrie could keep me company, right? After cutting one leg, I folded them over and cut the other leg to match. Folding it over made it easier to make sure they were the same length (and the tutorial said to do it. And I’m a rule follower.)

Steps-4--5Here’s where I should reiterate that I really followed that tutorial. It had measurements, which is why I used the measuring tape (more than I would like to admit.) By following the instructions, I cut the leg at a slight angle, so that the outside seam was shorter than the inseam. This turned out to be key for fit. To cut the opposite leg, I took the cut off piece and used it as a template.


Oh look, my straight edge again! This time I used it to cut that angle you see on the front of the shorts. I cut an inch up the outer seam, and slightly less than an inch on the inner seam, then using the straight edge, created an angled cut that left the front of my shorts shorter than the back.

The very last step was to do use that box cutter. See, I had pinned this a while ago, and while it said to use a seam ripper, I just didn’t have one of those. I figured a box cutter, used gently, would pretty much do the same thing. I was 100% correct, and it really made all the difference in my completed project. I threw them in the washer and dryer and waited. Impatiently, I waited.


Sweater- Target, old but this is similar)| Tank- Madewell | Necklace- Old|
Shorts- DIY!| Shoes- old, but love these| Watch-Michael Kors|Sunglasses-Ray-Bans

This outfit was for drinks one evening with my bf. Something casual and comfortable after work is really a go to for me. These shorts are totally fitting the bill and have been on pretty heavy rotation since I made them. I love that I added some light distressing, and do you see what I meant about that last angle cut? It really works wonders for the overall fit.

Vertict? DIY success. $10 very well spent.