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Well it seems that the last bottle of champagne has been popped, the DJ is playing one last song, and this wonderful wedding week is coming to an end. It’s been so much fun putting together outfits for different weddings, and I hope they have been helpful for you! While you may not be in the market for a brand new ensemble, my hope is that these outfits gave you some inspiration and ideas for what to pull out of your own closet.

So today things are a little different. I decided to pull a few of my favorite wedding things, the things that my dream wedding would be made of, including the outfit I would wear to ATTEND said wedding (there are no wedding dresses here.)

Dream Wedding Location:

AVAM Weddingvia AVAM website

The American Visionary Art Museum has hands down been my dream wedding location since the first time I ever visited. I remember calling a friend when I left saying “please remind me of this if/when I’m planning my wedding!” It’s such a unique space, and there are at least 3 venue choices each with their own unique flair. If you haven’t been to the museum I highly recommend you visit on your next trip to Charm City. It’s totally worth it… wedding or not.

Special Touches:


Via Etsy

I may be a girl who loves (actually if there is something stronger than love… insert that word) sweets, I’m not a huge fan of the traditional wedding cake. I would much rather have cupcakes. And an ice cream sundae bar. My cupcakes would need a few special touches, and I love these flags. From Pink Blossom Goods on Etsy, they are just the perfect finishing touch. I also love these door hangers for your guest staying at hotels. So thoughtful for the morning after.

Party Shoes:


Via Kate Spade

When my big day comes, you can bet that white satin shoes are going to be no where to be found. I adore these shoes because they just scream “PARRR-TAY!” and are something you could easily wear for New Years Eve, or a birthday celebration, or because you are having a bad day and need to smile. Leave it to kate spade to create my dream party shoes.

Bridesmaid Jewelry:


Via Etsy

I think that gifting your bridesmaids jewelry to wear on the day of is such a nice gesture. It’s something that they can really wear in their lives that will remind them of your big day, and all the fun they had. And for you super type A brides, it ensures that everyone is going to match. These rose gold hoops with Swarovski crystals are subtle but have just the right amount of sparkle. And Everistta, another Etsy goddess, has so many choices for you, and a reasonable prices.

And finally…..

The Dream outfit:

Dream Wedding Guest outfit


I picked an outfit I would love to wear if I was attending my dream wedding… as a guest 🙂 I honestly feel like this would work for any metropolitan wedding, or even for a traditional wedding. The dress combines leather and lace, which is trendy but not over the top. I picked studded ankle wrap shoes to play off the leather skirt. I added texture with the clutch, and played up the traditional element with the earrings. Really in this case, it’s all about the dress. And to quote Rachel Zoe : ” I. Die.”

So I hope you have some Advil for tomorrow morning, and don’t forget to drink water to ward off the hangover of Wedding Week. I’ve had so much fun picking the perfect party outfits for you all.  If have any thoughts on Wedding Week (loved it? Hated it? Have a wedding you aren’t sure what to wear to?) please feel free to leave it in the comments, or email me: katie@charmingcitystyle.com