Attending a wedding in a city can be a real thrill. There is an abundance of cool locations for brides and grooms to choose from including museums (of art, science, aquarium, or industry if you’re in Baltimore), roof tops with sweeping city views (like this cool place my friend got married in Charlotte), restaurants, and the obvious…hotels. Knowing that you and the other wedding guest will be in a more metropolitan environment, means a killer outfit is a must.

While I would suggest leaving the dresses with cut outs for the bachelorette parties you are inevitably attending, something more form fitting, and dare I say edgy, is more appropriate here.  A black dress may still be up for debate (and I would love to hear your opinions in the comments) but if you’re dead set on it, this would be the wedding to give it a go. Just please, keep everything else minimal……and not black.

What to wear to a wedding in the city


I don’t mean to play favorites, but this might be my favorite dress this week (and part of the reason you’re only getting two looks). Here’s why this look works:
The dress is a simple shift but with a bright print. There’s no need to shy away from color when attending a wedding, no matter where it is. This modern take on a classic shape is slightly shorter giving it a more youthful appeal. A chunky gold necklace means the dress remains the focus here, and you could easily add some stud earrings as well. The white clutch is perfect for this look because it’s light, bright and has a gold tassel (but it would work in this coral as well.) Finally, a simple shoe in a fun color. These happen to match almost perfectly with the blue in the dress.

What to wear to a wedding

Dress/Necklace 1/ Necklace 2/Clutch/Shoes

Are you seeing why this dress works at almost any wedding? I love it’s versatility. I paired it with some blinged out, layered necklaces for starters. That neckline is screaming for a necklace. Because I didn’t want the dress to seem quite so sweet, I went with the black clutch and shoes to really anchor the look. I love that the shoes have that gold buckle (and they are on sale!!!) and that the clutch is oversized enough to fit more than just the essentials.

So what would you wear to a city/metropolitan wedding? And what are your feelings on wearing black?