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Whether at the beach, in a local park, or in someone’s back yard, there is a strong chance that if you are attending a summer wedding, it’s going to be outside. And really, who can argue? From a planning perspective, you don’t always need as many decorations if you have a beautiful location. And if the weather is beautiful, why waste time inside?! But as a guest? Getting dressed for an outside wedding can be a challenge.

Up against sunshine, heat, humidity, and possibly uneven ground, an ensemble must be able to tackle all of the above and still look chic. It’s the outdoor wedding where I’m grateful I’m not a gentleman, and therefore do NOT have to wear a suit or sport coat while sitting in the sun.  And in light of that grateful feeling, let’s check out a few options that will be breezy and beautiful.



A short, light colored dress is always a good choice for an outdoor event in the summer. This one is available locally at South Moon Under (and Online too!) and has so many great colors included in the graphic pattern. Wedges are essential if you are going to be walking around on grass, sand, gravel, etc. These (also available at SMU) have that fantastic gold accent, and ground the look with out being heavy. Adding extra color and accentuating the neckline with a necklace (also loved this, and this) keeps things bright near your face. Add a few simple accessories like the gold cuff and black clutch (which is an insane match to the shoes) and you are ready to go!

What to wear to a wedding


If you know me at all (or really even if you just read this blog) you know I’m a HUGE fan of a maxi dress. I think an outdoor wedding is the perfect opportunity to wear a maxi with out looking like part of the wedding party. I picked this one with a bold floral because it could easily be dressed up or dressed down. I went somewhere in the middle here, adding the textured wedges. I also picked simple jewelry to really let the dress stand out. The stack of bangles make it a little more boho than mother of the bride, but a woven purse (that you could carry as a clutch or a cross body) keeps with the overall classic look.

What to wear to a wedding


It’s baaaack! What I love about this dress is that it could morph to fit any type of wedding. It also presents a challenge: how to not look like a bridesmaid or like you are re-wearing a bridesmaid dress (not that I’m against that.) To combat that I decided on a big, colorful, blingy necklace. This super sparkly number certainly makes a statement, and is step one in making this dress a little more funky. The lower wedges (because really, who wants to deal with heels sinking into the grass?) have that silver ankle strap to give them a little shine as well, and are another accessory that you probably wouldn’t be wearing if you were part of the wedding party. The real stand out here though is the clutch. It looks like lucite, is a crazy cool color, and a really funky shape.  While there is a lot going on with this outfit, I think it all works together to make a stand out look for a wedding guest.

We continue with fun and festivities of Wedding Week tomorrow, but in the meantime, what are your tips to dress for an outdoor wedding? Anything you have learned is a must for your bag for those upcoming outdoor August weddings?