Well hello sunshines, and welcome to Wedding Week! It’s summertime, and if you’ve been on any social media in the last month or so, I’m sure you’ve noticed the overwhelming number of friends posting from weddings they are attending. I love a wedding as much as the next girl, but it got me thinking “if I was one the people with seemingly a wedding to attend every weekend, what would I wear?” And knowing that between now and the end of September, the wedding train isn’t slowing down, I figured now was the time to help you all look your best on your their big day.

So, today we’re getting dressed for a traditional wedding. You know, the church ceremony, and reception that includes a sit down dinner, dancing, and probably at least one awkward toast from a drunk uncle.


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And while the wedding you are attending probably isn’t a Kennedy affair, a traditional wedding does call for attendees to also choose a more traditional look. A few years ago when a good friend got married at the U.S. Naval Academy Chapel, even this accessory queen toned it down. For all weddings, I usually aire more toward cocktail attire, but especially for a traditional wedding. Here’s a few options I think would be perfect, stylish, and appropriate.

what to wear to a wedding


This look works for a few reasons. The shape of the dress, available at Cupcake in Fells Point, is super simple, but the print is what makes it a stand out. The colors work so well for a summer wedding and with some really simple accessories you can be dressed up and coordinated. The dress is an investment (and here’s a great alternative), but one that will be in your closet for years. And to balance that out? The earrings are only $3.

What to wear to a wedding


Another option for a traditional wedding is to go the super classic direction. This look is centered around a bright dress with great draping. The waist accentuates an hourglass figure, with out being too clingy. Add a fantastic pearl bib, coordinating shoes, and a gold straw clutch for texture, and the over all look is sophisticated and put together, while still being stylish.

What to wear to a wedding


You’ll be seeing a lot of this dress this week. I decided to pick one dress and style it for multiple wedding types/venues. This beauty from J.Crew can be quite the chameleon, and I’m going to prove it to you. For the traditional wedding I decided to spice up the simple grey dress with a multi-colored bib necklace. With that as the basis for the color palate, I picked a fun clutch, and killer pumps to keep the outfit youthful and fun.

Well ladies (and gentleman?), there you have it. Three ensembles perfect for a traditional wedding. And I hope you are keeping your champagne on ice, because there is more wedding week to come. Cheers!