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When it comes to fashion, the couture is always highly coveted. But I feel like there are few items as highly sought after as the Hermes Berkin Bag. I mean come on, it was a subject on Sex and the City after all.

And you rarely see a Kardashian or Victoria Beckham (who’s collection of these bags is worth an estimated $2 Million) with out one.


Via Glamour

And as if that wasn’t enough, there are not 2, but 3 listed here as the most expensive hand bags in the world.

Originally designed for actress Jane Birkin in 1984, the bag is based on a design from 1892. You see, poor Jane was having a horrible time finding an attractive leather travel bag that fit all her things for a carry on. Lucky for her, she was seated next to Hermes CEO Mr. Dumas on a flight, and told him about her trouble. Obviously he fixed said problem, created a handbag icon, and the rest is history.


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But the bag has become more than an icon. It’s a status symbol. One that means you had to wait a really long time on a list, and pay a whole lot of money to get a piece of fashion history. It’s a bag that dreams are made of.

So imagine my surprise when I was reading Baltimore Style Magazine this month and came across this article by Savvy Shopper. What’s that you say? I can get a Birkin…in Baltimore!?!? I had to pick my jaw off the floor to continue reading. Apparently, Radcliffe Jewelers in Towson offers previously adored owned Berkin bags. And there isn’t a wait list! So while I still have a long way to go in my change savings jar to afford one of these iconic gems (I’ll probably be 80 by the time I save enough change) it’s not TOTALLY out of the question.

And so with visions of Birkin dancing in my head, I wish you a Happy Weekend. Cheers!