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So I have a confession to make: I’m ready to lose my virginity.  Please do not stop reading, it’s not what you think. I have never…whooo… this is emotional. I have never….

Colored my hair.

Take a deep breath (I had to.) Yes, I am in my (very) late 20’s, and No, I have never used box color (even in college), never gotten highlights, and never used Sun-In. I can honestly tell you that it was fear that held me back from ever trying any of the above. I have naturally dark brown hair, and I have always been afraid that using a product like Sun-In would turn my hair orange. When it came to highlights, I’d always heard that once you start, you have to keep going. And all over, at home, box color? I really could not stomach the idea of having that “racing stripe” look as it grew out. So I’ve abstained from hair dye of any sort. Until…


Via In Style

Don’t ask what inspired me to Google search “Alexa Chung Hair Ombre” but I did. And it pretty much changed my entire opinion on my desire to have my hair colored. So I did what any self respecting girl with the desire to make a permanent change to her appearance does: I asked for the opinion of my good friends. Thankfully, more than one of my friends works in the industry, so I not only learned that “OMGYes! You should totally do it” but that Ombre was the “lazy girls hair color.” Umm, check.

So after a few weeks months of debate, I was about to pull the trigger and make the appointment when I got a text from my friend who works at, Grapevine, the salon I go to.

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Via my phone 🙂

That was it. I knew the minute I opened the message that I had officially found my hair color.

It was kind of exciting and scary all at the same time, because I knew after one look that this was it. Now was the time. And I would never again be able to call myself a hair color virgin. I can’t be the only one who watched the TV show Felicity, can I? Well if I was bare with me. There was a scene in the very first season (I now know it was episode 10. Thank Wikipedia!) where Felicity goes to Scott, planner in hand, and schedules when they are going to have sex. I feel like that’s what I’ve just done. Scheduled sex. Only really, it’s only hair color. And really, as my friends have all told me, color is easier than cut because you can always dye it back.

Either way, I’ll still never be able to be called a virgin ever again. Cue Madonna.


PS. Fear not, there will be pictures! If you don’t follow me on Instagram, they will probably end up there first so I suggest you do.